The Pansy Project is often contacted via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter by those that are interested in getting involved with The Pansy Project. Either by planting individual plantings for their own experience of homophobia or to plant pansies for others. Paul Harfleet is delighted for people to get involved with his work.

To assist those of you interested in planting your own pansy, Harfleet has created a 'Fact Sheet' that you can download (CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE) including, instructions of how to plant a pansy at the site of abuse for yourself or loved ones to be part of The Pansy Project, If you do plant a pansy at the site of homophobia, inform the artist via the links below.

If you'd like the founder of The Pansy Project; Paul Harfleet to get involved directly, contact him via the links below, or e-mail here.